My love of photography started when my dad took me into a darkroom I got to see a B&W photograph appear before my eyes in the liquid development tray. I was really magic to me. Sadly my father passed away before I was 10.

My interest faded until I was a freshman in college. I picked up an old Exacta SLR and started photography again. I studied Motion Picture Production at OU. Went on to work in retail camera sales for 18 years then started doing computer programing for Sabre Holdings and FlightSafety.


During the 80s my love of dirt track racing and photography came together. The early days saw me taking pictures at area dirt tracks, Tulsa, Muskogee, Enid, Oklahoma City. Mostly NCRA supers. Eventually managed to start freelance shooting for Open Wheel Magazine and Circle Track.


After about 12 years I slowed down doing racing but continued to do personal photography until recently.  I got the racing bug again a couple of years ago. I think that once infected the bug never really goes away. The challenge and adrenaline rush makes it so much fun.


The photographs are for my enjoyment and yours. The goal is to share and help to offset my expenses for equipment and travel. Really it is to help keep this hobby going. MY40 gets you 40% discount on you order if you purchase $75.00 or more.